Graphic Design

Logotipo + Manual de Usuario

Ahorra al incluir el Manual de Usuario al diseño de tu logotipo en lugar de adquirirlo por separado.

Logo User's Manual

Manual that includes the probable variations of the use of the logo and its different uses and applications. It includes the definition of the colors used for printing and for reproduction in multi-media equipment. Printing and use policies to guarantee a consistent application in any digital and printed advertising medium among others.

Logo Design (Does not include user manual)

We design your logo based on the characteristics of your business, the colors chosen and your target market.

Digital Poster
  • Photo session is not included. In case of using photographs will ask for existing photographs. They serve to present your products and services in a professional, persuasive and attractive. It is not just a simple photograph to design a poster where you can persuade your client or prospect to buy your products and services. Each is delivered in a resolution of 3200px X 1800px that you can include in your website, your landing page or print it on paper to place it wherever you want. IMPORTANT NOTE