A website, portal or cyber site is a collection of web pages related and common to an internet domain name.


Multi-page websites contain a home page (Home Page) and a menu that directs the user to internal content.
The website is delivered with texts and images, it shows that afterwards you will have to change to the texts and images that are most convenient. You can make these changes directly or ask our editing team to do it for you. Option 1. Homepage, History or profile, Services, Blog and Contact page. Option 2. Homepage, 2 Landing pages for advertising purposes and Contact page. Later, more pages and sections can be added if necessary.

Online Store with Blog

Online stores with Blog include the possibility of selling different products and services online, categorized and grouped as best suited, and also a blog to add advertising content to the website and improve traffic and visits to it. The best platform to sell online and have a proper digital presence.

Online store

It is a store with an online catalog through which users can select items that they save in a virtual shopping cart with which they will be able to know the total amount of their purchase and proceed to payment by means of credit or debit card, electronic transfers, cash deposits, cash on delivery, Pay Pal and other payment gateways, deposits in convenience stores among others. Some main features. Product catalog (s), products can be classified by categories, product search within the store, shopping cart so that the user has an orderly way to separate the products they want to buy, payment gateway, customer portal to that the user can manage their profile and other data. Observations. Online stores allow you to sell all kinds of products and services including reservations in restaurants and hotels or even the download and installation of electronic items in an automated way. Therefore, the electronic store can be customized to the particular needs of your business. The particular features can be purchased separately. Personalization services can be quoted and purchased separately. The loading of products, services and catalogs can be self-managed or the service can be purchased separately. Promotional image design can be purchased separately.